The Poems


suggesting being involved in certain uncertainties

suggesting not being killed by others

suggesting leaving all those things as they are – PRESENT

suggesting struggling, suffering, denying – NOT SPECIFIED, CONFIDENTIAL

suggesting setting out ASAP

suggesting licking a lick of the tick of that Mick – don’t say…

See? That’s the trick

suggesting opening my mouth together with my soul

suggesting souling, bowling, howling, crawling in the land of chocolate

suggesting writing up this poem until it ends (up) in a supernatural bit of poetry itself

suggesting not thinking about… what else (more) I could be suggesting?

suggesting skipping over my suggestions where the rope is

suggesting not being suggesting nothing at all – nothingness

suggesting suggesting suggestions



Disconnected, disconnected

despite of every single thing



exit and one more thing

repertoire of uneasiness and unconsciousness

never looking back

never looking forward

slightly improving

put it in tablets and swallow them

let them melt underneath your tongue/language

no matter

what language you use

what language you talk to express yourself

what language you speak to create some earaching noise


My suggestions?

What it might be?

…meeting French man at 10 a. m.


211 Waves 

Beginnings, intros, ouvertures, openings, preludes


I woke up…, YOU did. SAILOR woke up. I - SAILOR woke up.

Darkness in the streets, darkness in the room, darkness in the soul. I haven't seen light for the period of your sixteen centuries.